Opening in September of 2008, CrossFit Lewisville was the first CrossFit affiliate in Denton County and the 7th in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

In 4 short months, CFL moved out of a 10’ x 16’ garage into a 3,000 sq ft. facility which we called home until May of 2017. In May, we moved to a 2 acre lot in Flower Mound with over 8,000 sq ft. of indoor space. 

The focus of CFL is fitness, nutrition and community. We strive to serve our community with integrity, love, and a passion to see each of our athletes grow towards their fitness goals.

We offer small group training (15 or fewer athletes per class) to provide the highest quality group training possible. In the group sessions, you will be coached by a professional CrossFit coach and find accountability, friendship and friendly competition. Your experience will feel like personal training but at 33% of the cost!

Our staff has accumulated over 30 years of CrossFit coaching experience and has three CrossFit Level 2 trainers, each with over 6,000 hours of CrossFit coaching expereince. 

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit can be defined as constantly varied, functional movements at a high-intensity. No machines are used and workouts are customized to each client’s needs and abilities.

CrossFit is an evidence-based fitness program. Meaningful statements about safety, efficacy and efficiency — the three most important and interdependent facets of any fitness program — can be supported only by measurable, observable, and repeatable facts, (i.e., data). The CrossFit methodology depends on full disclosure of methods, results and criticisms, and we’ve employed the Internet as our primary means to support these values. Our charter is open source, making co-developers out of participating coaches, athletes and trainers through a spontaneous and collaborative online community. CrossFit is empirically driven, clinically tested and community developed.

We offer the world's most useful definition of fitness: increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains. Capacity is the ability to do real work, which is measurable using the basic terms of physics (force, distance and time). Life is unpredictable (much more so than sport) so real world fitness must be broad and not specialized, both in terms of duration and type of effort (time and modal domains).




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